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Sherry Bali

I say that with absolute sincerity because I ‘ve been able to redefine myself for whatever I have wanted to be. Right from my teens I have always been a fitness follower and experienced ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. I have been a successful model, movie actress, TV artist, VJ, Air hostess, hotelier and banker. I studied Nutrition and Food Science as part of my Diploma, went on to do my Bachelors and Masters in other fields that I wanted to explore.

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Congratulations to all the women from my loving Facebook community who have chosen to lead a healthy lifestyle and have achieved commendable results. The love, support and inspiration in the group is beyond words. Thank you to each of you beautiful ladies who are sharing their success stories to inspire and empower more women to step up! Keep going! All of you are winners!
How I lost weight after joining Sherry Bali
Preet Saini

25 Kgs in 5 months. In spite of Hypothyroidism 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️

25 Kgs in 5 months. In spite of Hypothyroidism 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️ Yes it is possible! 💪🏻😍 Picture speaks louder than words! 😇 Observe the picture carefully. There is a huge difference in the way she feels, her energy levels, happiness, confidence, body language, glowing skin etc..... She is a mother and wife, living in Europe. Thyroid medication- She was taking 100 mg pill before and it is reduced to 25 mg pill.

- Preet Saini


I Lost 7lbs 3 Inch From Tummy 1.5 Inch From Each Leg And 2 Inch From Hips

In July, I saw Sherry’s video when one of the friend shared n I was thinking to go for it or not. I lost 7lbs 3 inch from tummy 1.5 inch from each leg and 2 inch from hips. Today when I was clicking the picture to see the different person after 30 days. I saw my picture carefully and I just bust out what I have done to myself 💪💪👏 Some people discourage some encourage. I know myself. I can do it ✌️😇 Thank you Sherry it was really amazing following each n every tips u gave. So much things to learn from you. Really you are a good soul thanks dear. PS- If you want me to help you too 💕 type ‘yes’ in the comments below 👇 and we will send you link for registration. Love, Sherry ❤️

- Sonia

Easy fitness changed my life style

A massive Congratulations to you girl! 👏👏❤️❤️😍 Read what she says 👇 I have no words to say thanks to Sherry Bali and her team.Easy fitness changed my life style. I don’t focus only on weight loss but overall my health. I feel sooo confident about my health that I m having all nutritious food. I never feel lethargic. Even no pain during periods. Its all miracle of balanced diet. Honestly speaking I wasted so much time ohhh what to cook ?what to eat? Now everything so easy with super meal plans. Even all workouts I can do according to my time and space. I was so addicted to tea but in last 14 days I didn’t drink a single cup because I wanted to follow very closely the meal plans and wanted to see the difference without any cheat minutes or day. Love you Sherry Bali You are the best


Amazing transformation

Amazing transformation 👏👏👏❤️

13kg sustainable weight loss and loss of massive inches with the right mindset and motivation. A massive congratulations to Geet for this success 😍 She started her journey last August.


Krupa Vachhani


I am writing here to express my gratitude and love for Sherry Bali movement to postive and healthy life style empowerment for women . I have been with Sherry since 8thJan and I have committed to eating the healthy way – I refuse to call it a diet. Love the diet plan which is made intellectually based on scientific reasoning and cultural and western food choices. In 2 challenges I’ve lost total 6 kg but it’s not just about the weight, this program has changed my mindset dramatically, the way I see and eat food, the way I interact with my family and most importantly how I feel about myself. Portion and craving control were my biggest weaknesses which I have good control over now. My will power got strong. I have achieved my weight loss target in the last challenge only but would love to continue healthy eating habit. I'm now only 800 gms more than my pre pregnancy weight. Tummy part still shows as I have a 10cm fibroid in my uterus 😏 I have learnt to put myself in the priority list after starting the first challenge. I used to put my self at the bottom of priorities list before, in cooking for myself, eating healthy foods, exercise etc etc Always have given priority to kids. If kids dunno eat what I make, give them other options and always ready to cook but for myself nothing 👎 Open the pantry and munch on junk foods 🤐 This program is so much more than getting fit and losing weight, it’s about learning to love yourself and about saying it is ok not to be perfect because perfect isn’t reality and the investment in myself is beyond measure. I’m totally committed to this and can’t wait for the next round to get more fitter and stronger than ever. I will keep motivating all of my friends, families and community around. Love to see smiles on their faces when they achieve their target ❤️😍 Thank you so much Sherry for everything. Love you 😘 Keep doing the great work and spreading more love and gratitude 👏🏻👏🏻
(7/1 - 56.8 kg) (5/2 - 53.2 kg) (4/3 - 53.4 kg) (4/4 - 50.8 kg) — Feeling thankful.

- Krupa Vachhani

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