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I am a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker. I have encouraged hundreds of women to think and eat healthy, feel beautiful and strong, workout and be active. I am on a mission to empower millions of women with great health, lifestyle and positive mindset. I am delighted to share with you my own health and fitness journey as I believe ‘good health is the greatest blessing’.

 I say that with absolute sincerity because I ‘ve been able to redefine myself for whatever I have wanted to be. Right from my teens I have always been a fitness follower and experienced ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. I have been a successful model, movie actress, TV artist, VJ, Air hostess, hotelier and banker. I studied Nutrition and Food Science as part of my Diploma, went on to do my Bachelors and Masters in other fields that I wanted to explore.

My greatest achievement is to be a mother of two adorable daughters and a loving wife. I put on 30 kilos of EXTRA weight during my first pregnancy, it did not matter as I was really happy, excited and looking forward to being a mother. However, our world came crashing down when we lost our first-born baby boy at birth. I was shattered and I tried to battle this huge tragedy with all my strength.

In the following pregnancies, I had to cope with issues like gestational diabetes and post-natal depression. Going through three child births within a span of four and a half years took a toll on my body, mind and spirit.  At that stage, I decided to turn things around for myself and move forward with a clear direction to empower myself again and regain my health, fitness, lifestyle and be super energetic. I rediscovered my journey to good health by keeping a positive mindset, exercising, eating healthy food and constantly researching about nutrition.

As I lost weight and became fit again people started asking me how I did it, so I started to share my journey with others. I realised my passion for helping women and embarked on this mission to impact millions of lives.

My mission is to empower women to live a healthy lifestyle of their choice and making good health affordable for all. I want to share my secrets with you, and have brought together for you some of the best resources from around the world to enable you to overcome any self-doubts and limiting beliefs, so that you succeed in your endeavour to live healthier.

You can join this program whereby you receive all the help and guidance to eat right, exercise and work on your mindset. Weight loss is more than food and workout; it is about getting your mindset in the right direction, to make that shift and to get started on your own journey to great health. You are not alone, you don’t have to starve or eat boring bland food, you don’t have to break your back exercising. Here is a model that is ‘Done for you’ but remember not done without you.