I am Sherry Bali and I am a lifestyle coach. I am happy to welcome you here so I can share my story with you. I have been a model, movie actress, TV artist, VJ and Anchor. I organise health and fitness programs for women to help them look and feel their best.

Over the last two years, I have helped hundreds of women to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle with a defined purpose, promise and philosophy that good health is not a goal, it is a lifestyle. Understanding this will be critical for you to ensure that you can build on your success.

I have launched an online fitness program for you to achieve your weight loss goals, in which you will receive online coaching, healthy and tasty meal plans and a loving community of support. The challenge provides you with tools, inspiration and knowledge to transform your body and mind so that you can live a more healthy and zestful life.

Although I am proud and grateful of what I have achieved and what I do, I would love that you get to know me a bit more closely, what’s my story and why am I, so passionate about empowering women to live a healthy lifestyle of their choice!

Firstly, I would like to give you a ‘thought’ that really worked for me, what really helped me to make a difference, even though it took me a lot of time to figure it out - you are abundant, you are strong, you are beautiful, you love your body, you are going to do this for yourself.

Being the daughter of an army officer; eating healthy food, exercising, developing a strong mindset and self-discipline was inculcated in my upbringing since childhood. My mom nourished us with balanced diet including a variety of vegetables, legumes, soups and salads. Study was always important but my parents made sure we also had a healthy outdoor active routine and were not glued to books or TV.

I successfully studied nutrition and food science as part of my Diploma and then completed my Bachelors. I started flying with an International Airline as an Air Hostess and travelled the globe, whilst media kept beckoning me all the time.

I entered the Femina Miss India beauty pageant kickstarting my tryst with Media, in the next few years I would be a Model, Movie actress, TV artist, VJ and Anchor. In the competitive environment of media, I was always required to be in the best of shape and have a bikini body.

I fell in love and got married, life was joyful, my husband and I were happily settled in Mumbai, earning multiple six figures income between us, but a part of me always kept on telling me that there was more to me than playing the ‘doll’ on the screen. I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue my Master’s degree from a highly reputed university in Melbourne, we moved to Australia to begin a new journey.

My husband and I loved it and we decided to stay in Melbourne and plan our family here. Soon after that, I was pregnant with a baby boy, I was ecstatic, everything was blissful. But as we all know, life is far from being a bed of roses, a huge tragedy struck and we lost our baby boy during child birth. We were devastated, hopelessness and depression engulfed both of us. Suddenly, I was thrown into the darkest place in my life, there was no solace for a heart-broken mother and everything in life seemed unfair, it was unbearable and I thought I’ll never be happy again. I became a different person, there was a huge vacuum in my life, I secluded myself, I had put on 30 kilos of extra weight, I binged on food, I was constantly unhappy and suffering, so every aspect of my life including my relationships started to suffer. As weeks and months passed by, the pain slowly became bearable, my husband and I would always talk of never giving up, we told ourselves again and again to move on, to look forward, to find happiness again.

Our prayers were answered, our resilience paid off and we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, two years later I delivered again, another baby girl was born, our second bundle of joy had arrived. These pregnancies came with their own struggles, I had to cope with issues like gestational diabetes and post-natal depression. I want to say, ‘hats off’ to all mothers, childbirth is not easy. For me going through three childbirths in a span of four and a half years was a big deal and I knew the journey to regain my health, fitness and lifestyle was not going to be easy. Today my little girls are 5 and 3 years old, and I am back at the weight I was before my first pregnancy.

I am not perfect, like everyone, I have the daily stresses of life – family, friends, work, fitness, society, time management and so on. I took the journey at my own pace. I started with the right mindset, started eating healthy and by exercising regularly began to slowly lose permanent weight. I put in hours of research and Mindset training, read a lot about healthy foods and nutrition, did regular exercise. I learned by experience, I learned by trial and error and after a lot of dedication and perseverance I found what was effective and really worked.

I began to feel cheerful, happier and complete again, I started feeling the fittest and strongest that I have ever been. People started approaching me and asking me how was I able to do it, and that’s when I started sharing it with others. What I discovered and I always emphasise on is Eat Well, Move Daily and keep a Positive Mindset. I believe that this three-pronged approach is paramount to help anyone create a healthy lifestyle of their choice (not just their body).

I understand that some of you are very busy and you want to save time in shopping for groceries or cooking in the kitchen, save hours that you spend unproductively in the gym or do something worthwhile when commuting to work and back. All this so that you may spend quality time with families, loved ones or even yourself. I am passionate about making that difference, to saving that time for you and empowering you to live a healthy lifestyle of your choice.

I have put in hours of research, effort and hard work and brought together the best resources from around the world to bring this online challenge to you so that it is not overwhelming for you to do this by yourself. It is a ‘Done for you’ model of online coaching, but remember ‘Not Done without you’.

It is my mission and hope that good health should be affordable for everyone. Specially, I wish for every woman out there to be able to discard any self-doubt and limiting beliefs and truly empower themselves by truly loving themselves. Ask yourself all the time, ‘Is this thought empowering?’ if not throw it away, think positive. Life is beautiful, be pro-active, stand tall and shine, let your light brighten your life and the life of your family and loved ones. You have my support, always remember, ‘a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle’.