With looking your BEST,
feeling ENERGETIC and POWERFUL while eating tasty
and healthy foods.


I want to share my fitness secrets with you so that –


You DONT need to starve yourself. You DON’T need to spend hours every day working out! If you are a busy mom and want to be super fit, but don’t have time… I UNDERSTAND. Having little kids myself I know the value of your time! I want you to SUCCEED! I want you to reach your GOALS! I want to HELP you!

And that is why I have devised the best weight loss program for you, bringing to you the knowledge and expertise of top specialist.


Let’s be honest and ask yourself this…


- Have you tried diets in the past and not got anywhere?
- Have you lost weight through a diet and put all the weight back again or probably more?
- Are you not happy clicking and seeing your pictures?
- Have you had frustrated shopping experience trying to fit in dresses?
- Do you feel any negative emotions seeing your body in mirror?
- Have you almost given up on your weight loss goals?
- Are you confused about what to eat and what not to eat?
- Do you feel alone in your weight loss journey?
- Do you have a negative relationship with food? 


If your answer to any of the questions above is ‘YES’…
Then this programme is made for you….


Let me explain-

You see, weight loss is not about just healthy eating and exercising. It is about your mindset and support.

I want to empower you with the lifelong mindset of keeping the weight off permanently!

This is what makes the programme different, because you will experience something that WORKS! Not only for a short time but for a lifetime!


I have helped hundreds of women just like you to make that shift in their mindset……


Now it is YOUR time to sparkle!


I want you to know my mindset secrets… a new way to succeed.


A lot of Women are unable to sustain their journey to a Healthier Mind, Body and Self mainly due to one of the following reasons


Not Eating Well

You must avoid the deception of unhealthy, inadequate and bland starvation diets. Not only they leave you unsatisfied but also create hormonal imbalance, lead to metabolic disorders and adversely affect your self-confidence.

Everybody is different, eating the right amount of healthy, nutritious and tasty food is important!


Not Exercising right

You don’t ‘move’ daily or you may be over-exercising. Humans are naturally meant to be physically active but excess of anything can be harmful, getting the right amount of movement is the key. If you are doing marathon sessions of workout or cardio, it may increase the chance of injury, tiredness, being time poor and destroy your motivation in the long run. So be smart and optimise your physical activity!


Lack of Support

You want to do it, you have it in you, but you lack the right kind of support to get you there on your own. You need personal support for motivation and creating that mindset to ‘Get and Stay in the most amazing
you desire. Diet and Exercise are important, but research has proven that getting the right continuous support is instrumental in increasing your chances to succeed in your fitness goals and reducing the chances of you going ‘back to square one’!

Hence, I am delighted to invite you to

The 30 Day ‘Pro-active Fitness’ Challenge…
Starting Monday, 15th October 2018!


This is a great opportunity for you to transform your body and mind!


I will personally guide and support you through each step during your 30-day journey with a simple approach to weight loss.


You will receive regular tips and my secrets to stay on track not only to look more attractive but also feeling stronger, abundant and confident.


The challenge provides you a doorway to 

- Start loving and appreciating yourself
- Rediscover the beauty of your own unique body
- Make healthy choices to create a lifestyle of fitness
- Connect and share your journey with a loving community of likeminded people


In addition to being easy and fulfilling, this challenge applies a holistic and powerful approach to health (not only weight loss) and mindset that potentially empowers you for a lifetime and not only for 30 days. 


Look at the stories of women who are members of my health and fitness community and have come forward to share their love and success with you..




So happy to be the part of this

So lost 6.4 kg in this challenge so so so happy to be the part of this. The day i messaged Sherry Bali and forwaded my pic i was on 105.4 kg and then i decided that i will be joining this challenge i never knew that i was so strong minded that i will give up on my fav food which i used to eat like on daily basis now i always choose to eat healthy and fat free food for me. This team is so motivating like if anytime u want to eat something ur mind will guide you not to eat as it will ruin your health so if i see so far i lost 8.6 kg cant believe on myself that i did this. Will be joining the next one as well to achieve more 👍🏻💪🏻❤️
Getting fit in the clothes happy happy m down to 16 size from 18 and 20
A big thankyou to Sherry Bali for always reminding us about how beautiful we are if we work hard for it ❤️❤️


Mehak M Walia

Disclaimer- Testimonials received are individual experiences and there is no guarantee of typical results.

How I lost weight after joining Sherry Bali

Hello Sherry. How r you. Sorry I didn’t click any of my photos in march challenge but since then I kept losing bit by bit. And everyone in my circle is asking me how.  And i proudly say it’s because of SHERRY BALI.  Now i am daring to share my before and after pic with you. All thanks to you. Lo͏v͏e you and Bless you. Keep helping n inspiring other women. You are doing great work. All the best.


Neetu Singh

Disclaimer- Testimonials received are individual experiences and there is no guarantee of typical results.

Total weight loss - 6kgs

I was planning for quiet sometime to get back in shape post delivery and that was the time i stumbled upon Sherry bali's 30 days challenge on fb. After the completion of first challenge itself I lost almost 3 kgs and further reduced 3 more kgs. This group is not only a weight loss group it guides us to live a healthy lifestyle. Ive almost achieved my target weight and am now trying to just maintain it and live a healthy life. I am glad that I am a part of this group and happy to see a lot of people feeling the same. Thank you Sherry for such a nice initiative.

Soumya Arjun

Disclaimer- Testimonials received are individual experiences and there is no guarantee of typical results.

Fit n energetic now

By following 30 days challenge , i felt an immense change in my body , by drinking more water and adding more fibre in my diet , it helped me loose weight more quickly without any side effects , feel so fit n energetic now .

Reema Arora

Disclaimer- Testimonials received are individual experiences and there is no guarantee of typical results.

My weight loss journey after joining Sherry Bali:

When i came to Melbourne i was 62 kg and ate anything (Tim Tam was my favourite thing). Size was 12 Then once i joined this group and started improving my bad eating habits and found some new and healthy things that can not only help us in weight loss but also keep ourselves energetic. Now I'm 58 and getting fit into size 8 What I realise after joining this group is 80% is what you eat and 20% is your exercise. Thanks to you Sherry Balli for doing such a amazing thing and giving us a healthy lifestyle.

Honey Amit Bhatia

Disclaimer- Testimonials received are individual experiences and there is no guarantee of typical results.

3.5 kg in 1 month

I put on weight after my pregnancies, I tried several diets but I never saw long term results. I put on all the weight back soon. I was very frustrated and felt tired all the time. What I learned from Sherry Bali was to learn how to eat better and get in shape without starving myself, I ate frequently small meals, had 2L water everyday and learned how to enjoy my favourite foods in moderation. I found things that I liked and what works for me.

After losing 3.5 kg weight, I feel and look great! This is a lifestyle change and I want to continue this way. I am so grateful for the help and support from Sherry!

Swati A Maan

Disclaimer- Testimonials received are individual experiences and there is no guarantee of typical results.

I lost 6 kgs in 2 months

Dear Sherry, Thank you so much for motivating us. It is great experience to be in your group. With little changes in our daily diet I gained a lot. I follow  your instructions  very sincerely. I got excellent results. The benefits I got from your program -

- My constipation problem almost solved.

- I recovered from Gerd (acid reflux). As I am teaching small children so my vocal courds are were always strained but now there is good improvement in voice .

- The most wonderful result I achieved is my weight loss. I lost six kgs! Sherry you are a great motivater, leader and gives us lots of positivity. With lots of love and best wishes

Prabhjot Kaur

Disclaimer- Testimonials received are individual experiences and there is no guarantee of typical results.

I have lost fat and gained muscles.....

Thank you so much everyone for inspiration and motivation, specially thanks to Sherry Bali

Shruti Patel

Disclaimer- Testimonials received are individual experiences and there is no guarantee of typical results.

“Why do people fail in achieving their fitness goals?”


I have seen and experienced what it means to fail in achieving fitness goals and healthy lifestyle by following fitness programs, when nothing seems to work, the common flaws that I discovered were:


  • Mindset coaching is non-existent or undervalued
  • Isolation weight training does not make you lose body fat
  • Doing long and boring cardio sessions may harm your metabolism
  • ‘Dangerous’ detox regime may cause hormonal imbalance and irreversible damage
  • Trying to overcomplicate nutrition or creating elaborate meals may lead to no gain and just waste your time
  • ‘No Support’ leads to ‘Nowhere!’


“What makes this Pro-active Fitness Challenge so special?”


This program will help you get results where other programs fail...


A number reasons will help you succeed, firstly, you challenge yourself to something that you CAN do, you are in control along with other women who will be doing this with you.


The focus is on individual portion control and optimisation. We’re not obsessed with following stringent rules, you’re not forced to only eat certain foods and quantities and only do certain workouts, you get your own space, a 24/7 listening ear and loving community of support, you just follow your heart, but learn to be smart!


In the day and age, we see a lot of women who are unsuccessful in losing weight, so there is obviously something more to it, than sticking to a stringent diet and workout routine.


I believe...


Having the right ‘Mindset’ is the biggest contributor to successful and Permanent Weight Loss’ and ‘Good Health’


If you wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you are abundant, you are strong, you are beautiful, you love your body, you are going to do this for yourself – trust me, you have already won this challenge!


What you feed your mind is very powerful! Now combine that with inputs from experts around the world on how to ‘Eat Well’ (Fat burning recipes), along with a loving community that supports and motivates, I am sure you can visualise what the results will be!



Here’s how it’s ‘Done for You’…

- You can ENJOY the journey as it ignites your self-beliefs and helps you to have a positive Mindset
- You can step into a pro-active mode of loving yourself and look forward to accomplishing and sharing your own success everyday
- Take the guess work out of ‘what you need to eat, when to eat and how much to eat’, the meals plans are provided for you.
- You get to eat healthy, balanced, nutritious and tasty food that you will enjoy making easily, and not starve yourself with bland boring diets
- And you can easily fit your meal plan in your lifestyle, which means you can still do what you have to, while getting the body and shape you desire


A mile-long journey starts with the first step, if all this makes sense and you’re ready to take that first step…


This Is What You’ll Get When You Join the ‘Pro-active Fitness Challenge’ Starting Monday, 15th October, 2018...


This challenge provides you everything you require to help you lose weight and impress your family and friends… in only 30 days!


I’m so excited to share with you, what you will be able to do “For Yourself”, while you’re not “By Yourself!”

Action Guide

Every-Step-of-the way Guide


This is what makes it all simple and sets you up for success. No more confusion or complicated programs, you will know right from the start precisely what you need to do, when you do it, how you do it and why you do it.


As part of the 30 Day ‘Pro-Active Fitness’ challenge you will receive an ‘Every-Step-Of-The-Way guide to get you started on your journey to achieve your fitness goals and get the body you desire. 




Pro-Active Mindset coaching


In an age when priorities can be hard to manage, it can become easy to allow yourself to take a back seat with your personal health. You will receive powerful mindset training that helps you to focus more on what you can do, what you can control, think big picture, get in a pro-active mode and make things happen to be successful in achieving your fitness goal.


Don't sit on the sideline and wait to see what happens. When you are proactive and take initiative to achieve your objectives, when you envision your success, you will win more. 



‘Eat Well’ Meal Plan


Saral – Swacchh – Swasth – Swadisht – Santushtya’


Following the above ‘vedic’ principles of great food, you will receive a meal plan prepared by a nutritional expert. The 30 meal plan is…


- Simple (Saral) – Simple, quick and affordable to prepare meals saving you effort, time and money in the kitchen. They are perfect for the busy 'on-the-go' woman.

- Clean and hygienic (Swacchh) – Your meals are planned to be hygienic and I recommend you use organic and non - GMO ingredients.

- Healthy and Nutritious (Swasth) – The meal plan includes a complete and balanced diet that works with your metabolism and provides you all the carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamin and minerals that your body needs.

- Tasty (Swadisht) – Delicious food not only nourishes the body but also the soul, the meal plan brings to you, delightful recipes that will make the experience of ‘eating more enjoyable’, you will love the flexibility of choosing what you like to eat

- Satisfying (Santushtya) – Nothing about food is more rewarding than the satisfaction it brings. These meals and recipes are planned to keep you content and satisfied for hours and help ‘keep at bay’ those unwanted hunger cravings.



You get exclusive access to my ‘Pro-Active Fitness’ private Facebook Group


- During your 30-Day Challenge you will you will have direct access to me to coach you, support you, motivate you for the entire 30 days

- Surround yourself with likeminded individuals who are doing this challenge with you

- You get a 24/7 listening ear, ongoing reassurance and support from other women just like you who are facing similar challenges to help you stay on course during rough times.

- Take this path along with others to get the results you are looking for, ‘Together we fly higher, we go farther’

- This is a great way to gain new friends and really motivate and inspire each other


This Is Your MOMENT, own it, use 30 days of your life for ‘yourself’ to
Pro-Actively Transform your Body, Mind and Lifestyle



...here is your chance to make a difference to your fitness and health, just by following some easy and fun steps in the program you can chuck away layers of unhealthy lifestyle that stand between you and the body you LOVE.


Remember, the Pro-Active Fitness challenge runs from October 15th


Rediscover that you are abundant, you are beautiful and you are worth it…


You want to know this!


You may have seen and believe that a complete weight loss or fitness program costs a lot of money. People including celebrities and media stars maintain their ‘bikini bodies’ by spending thousands of dollars on mindset coaching, personal support and diet plans. If these people had to do it on their own it may take years of hard work, trial & error, failure and disappointment before they get there. So, end of the day, it is all worth it because obviously, the benefits outweigh the costs.


I believe that this can be done with support too so I formed a private Facebook community to share some of my mindset secrets and tips to be successful, this group created a beautiful and intimate environment, it became so much fun and energizing and has already helped hundreds of women just like you to achieve real results!


……...but more needs to be done.


My mission is that “GOOD HEALTH SHOULD BE AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE”. So, for the first time EVER, I am inviting you to receive a complete, fool proof, personalised weight loss and fitness program and benefit from the secrets that worked for me, at a FRACTION of the cost of seeing someone in person.


Do yourself a favour and Join this Challenge, so you can start with us on Monday, October 15th.


My promise is that YOU will LOVE this because…


If You’re Not EXCITED with the Results you get… you can get all your Money Back!


I am so looking forward for you to discover what is in store for you, and really see you succeed. Every morning when you wake up and see a ‘new you’ in the mirror, you tell yourself you are abundant, you are strong, you are beautiful, you love yourself, you are going to do this for yourself and get the amazing body you LOVE and DESERVE.


If you follow some simple and proven steps in the program, I am so confident about your success, that I am ready to shoulder the RISK for you.


Take 30 days to ensure that your results are real, to see if others acknowledge the change in you and if you’re STILL not 100% satisfied, I’ll refund all your money.



Click The “Register Now” Button To Secure  Your Spot
For Only 
$29 Today…


Are you still thinking?
Top Reasons you want to join the 30 Day Pro-Active Fitness Challenge Today!


- Affordable – Less than $1 per Day to invest in yourself for a lifetime of health

- Best Support You will receive powerful ‘Mindset’ coaching and personalised support from me so that you are set up for success right from the start, ‘I have your back!’.

- Community – Become a part of a loving community of likeminded women who share this journey, inspire, motivate and have fun along with you!

- Done for you Plans – Take the guess work out of planning your meals and just follow through, receive simple to prepare, healthy, balanced and tasty meal plans provided by a nutrition expert

- Forever – the amazing resources you obtain and secrets you learn are yours to keep forever, long after the 30 days are over

- Amazing results – You will love the results you achieve by following this simple yet highly effective program, and in case you don’t, simply email us to get a full refund!


Are you ready to invest 30 days of your life in "YOURSELF"?


These 30 days can change your perspective on what it means to be healthy. And you if you're not happy with the outcome, you have my money back guarantee.


Go for it right now. Click the ‘Register now’ button and claim your spot.


P.S. You may not want to look back at the AMAZING results our members have, just to appreciate that it could have been you! Remember you also have a 30-day money back guarantee. So, there is nothing to lose - register now! and I’ll see you in the Facebook group!




All the testimonials are genuine. No individual result should be seen as typical and your results may vary. Reasons could be genetic or environmental, food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise, personal motivation vary from person to person. No results in this programme are guaranteed.


The diet plan provided as part of this program is generic and only suitable for healthy adult women with no underlying or undiagnosed medical conditions. The diet/ meal plan has been provided solely for the purpose of this challenge by a qualified nutritionist/ dietitian. By signing up for this program you acknowledge and agree to the program terms and conditions.


This programme/challenge does not provide medical advice and is not intended in any way as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before starting any health care regime/ this programme/challenge and any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment, never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it.


Global Fitness Co Pty Ltd trading as Sherry Bali shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from following this program. The consumer will have to do so completely at their own risk.


For full terms and conditions, disclaimer and privacy policy go to the website links below.